Joseph DeCommer


PDF Resume || TXT Resume

Greater Lansing Area [email protected]

Web Developer

  • Experience with NodeJS building apis
  • Strong analytic skills; able to work with technicians from various
    engineering disciplines to troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Arbitrarily configured local PHP/apache env on Mac through httpd.conf
  • Experience in traversing OS file systems via bash and zsh (Mac/Linux/Windows)


Various examples can be seen on my Github
  • Built and deployed a fun quote generator from scratch
    The Notorious PQG
  • Command line interface for interacting with PostgreSQL in HerokuCLI
  • HappyPooYear -Anonymous client
  • Built API to fetch running data
  • Interaction and HTTP requests with said API for
    NIke Plus Run Club data
  • Fully functional shopping and product-admin platform. Users can upload thier own images of products and descriptions to sell. Includes an image upload feature and payment processing
  •, personal portfolio site (currently building)
  • Built from scratch
  • Served with Apache/PHP Admin/MySql
  • Written with VS. Code.

    Gained from projects I've worked on
  • Working with text formatting on this very resume
  • SQL/NoSQL/Graph with PG, MYSQL, Redis, MongDB, Neo4j...
  • Managed and deployed virtual servers for testing purposes.
  • Technical, analytic and problem-solving skills; effective task prioritization.
  • Daily maintenance on various web apps and sites
  • Always learning and gaining XP!

    • Bash
    • Express
    • Frameworks
    • Git/Github
    • HTML/CSS
    • Hosting
    • Heroku
    • Javascript
    • MongoDB
    • MySql
    • NodeJS
    • NPM
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • TCP/IP Networking
    • Zsh